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PR&D lab

At Onyx we deliver phase-appropriate development tailored to a project’s needs.

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Non GMP kilo lab

Our custom-built non GMP manufacturing laboratories feature 50 L vessels and 100 L work-up vessels, as well as column chromatography.

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GMP suites

As part of our manufacturing services, we house six GMP suites, (ISO 8) containing 50L vessels, along with a dedicated API dispensing unit.

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Analytical development lab

By partnering with Onyx, our customers access a highly experienced team of analytical specialists to develop specific methods for your project.

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Analytical GMP lab

This dedicated laboratory covers the validation of analytical methods as well as release of GMP API.

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Solid state analysis

Our state of the art equipment allows us to determine the physicochemical properties of your molecule.

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Solid state lab

Over the past 10 years, Onyx has built one of the leading technical solid state groups in the UK, carrying out salt screens, polymorph studies and crystallisation development for the scale up of your molecule.